Cancellation Policy

Since we are a small operator, when we hear from you that you want to book one of our condos, we will no longer offer that condo to guests looking for those dates. If you cancel, we will need to cancel your reservation, remove you from our condo schedule, payment schedule, cleaning schedules and possibly resort booking schedules. In addition we will need to offer your condo to guests who have recently requested your dates.

A cancellation can take up quite a bit of our time, so we do tend to charge the guest for our time.

We do understand that events in life occur and could cause an unavoidable cancellation, in order to allow us the best opportunity to rebook your unit ? please give us as much time as possible to rebook condo?

Here is our cancellation policy::

In the event of cancellation, you forfeit your security deposit.
In the event of cancellation, refund of the advanced rental will be made only to the extent that a tenant can be found to occupy the vacated time reserved on your guest confirmation.
If we are able to rebook the property, we will refund a prorated share of the rental fee for each day we are able to fill, less a $100 cancellation fee.